Course Name : Eenergy Storage Research Preparation

The growing demand for low- or even zero-emission sources of energy, has brought increasing awareness of the need for efficient, clean, and renewable energy sources. The use of electricity generated from these intermittent, renewable sources requires efficient electrical energy storage (EES). EES systems are needed to progress from today's hybrid electric vehicles to plug-in hybrids or all-electric vehicles. Chemical energy storage devices (batteries) and electrochemical capacitors (ECs) are among the leading EES technologies today.

This pre-research session at the beginning of the research captured the present state of the art in research and development and technology needs required for EES for the future. Revolutionary breakthroughs in EES have been singled out as perhaps the most crucial need for this nation’s secure energy future. Participants were divided between different panels as focusing on the major types of EES, chemical energy storage and capacitive energy storage.

New electrochemical cell chemistries and designs that consider all of the interacting chemical and physical processes occurring in the system as a whole are needed to enhance significantly the performance of today’s chemical energy storage systems.

Background and Motivation -


High energy density; electrochemical and materials stability to ensure long lifetimes;


sufficient power achieved through holistic design of the storage materials, supporting components, and device construction;


electrochemical and materials stability to ensure long lifetimes;


optimized safe operation and manageable toxicity and environmental effects

energy research

Total Students


Course Duration

2 Month to 6 Months

Course Mode

Online and Offline

New Admission Session

August, 2024

Course Syllabus:

The content of the course may be subject to change. Curriculum content is provided as a guide. The course consists of four core modules:


Next-Generation Energy Storage Materials
Understand Comprehensive research into energy storage and multidisciplinary approach due to its intrinsic potential to implement high-performance electrochemical systems for the real energy industry.


Current status of energy storage technology development
This data-driven assessment of the current status of energy storage markets is essential to track progress toward the goals described in the Energy Storage Grand Challenge.


Challenges and prospects of energy storage research
Energy storage technologies are undergoing a challenging transformation, vital in an emerging climate that increasingly necessitates renewable energies and recyclable hardware. The innovations and development of energy storage devices and systems also have simultaneously associated with many challenges, which will be addressed as well for commercial, broad spread, and long-term adaptations of recent inventions in this field.


Research Directions
including (1) understanding the basis for the design and synthesis of new anode and cathode materials and cell chemistries; (2) establishing the principles controlling electrode surfaces and electrode-electrolyte interfaces; (3) characterizing physical, chemical, and dynamic electrochemical properties; and (4) theoretical modeling of electrode structure and design and electrochemical phenomena.

Research Mentor

Principal : Dr. Abdul Moyez

Research Associate, IIT Roorkee
Ex. Senior Research AssociateSenior Research Associate
Centre for Nano and Material Sciences
PhD in Perovskite Solar Cell
University of Calcutta
M.Tech in Materials Science and Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur

The Research Mentor is an important key to a successful trainee experience. Students value the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of a faculty member or research mentor and the College values your contribution to undergraduate education by providing meaningful undergraduate research experiences that allow a student to engage deeply in their discipline and grow as scholars.

Dr. Abdul Moyez, Principal of Energy Materials Research Centre, provides participants with in-depth training support and further mentoring research work. We are grateful for his generous mentoring and for their rich contributions to the EMRC's vibrant research community.

Benefits Include


Mentoring by an experienced, published researcher who understands the clinical practice


Small group discussions to facilitate the development of a research proposal


Learning how to utilize research methods to document client/family progress in treatment


Receiving ongoing mentoring for initiation and completion of a study

We encourage undergraduate and graduate students to get involved in research. We are looking for highly motivated individuals who are interested in learning more about research in aging. By working closely with faculty mentors, research assistants often find ways to apply what they have learned in the classroom to “hands on” research projects and interventions. For undergraduates interested in attending graduate school, this experience allows you to learn whether or not you like research, and is invaluable support for your graduate school application. Dr. Abdul Moyez

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Course duration will depend on your choosen topics and requirements. Once you have done the background work, you are ready to do your research work. So Pre-research preparation course will end.

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