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We're focused on research excellence, effective industrial partnerships and creative engineering education.

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Good teacher include skills in communication, listening, collaboration, adaptability, empathy and patience.

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Internship and Research

Students will work on a research project mentored by an EMRC researcher, gain valuable skills for success in their chosen field.

About EMRC

Energy Materials Research Centre (EMRC) are high-tech research institute established on the basis of Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust Energy Research Institute, integrating scientific research, production and sales.

EMRC established to became a professional research and development institution of Next-Generation Industrial study with the main task of researching the theory of solar energy utilisation and comprehensive new and emerging battery technologies.

EMRC involves in solar thermal utilization, solar photovoltaic application, biomass technology application, energy management, system-wide solution integration, zero energy building development and technical consulting and other fields to enhance customer value, and make due contributions to the construction of energy conservation and energy storage next-generation battery like Lithium-ion, sodium-ion and maney other battery, environmental protection of the country and society.

Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust registered as an autonomous educational trust under Indian Trust Act from NCT, New Delhi, Govt. of India, and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization. Trust registered under Income Tax section 80G and 12A and CSR Registration CSR00032077 under MCA, Govt. of India.
"Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust" has successfully met all of the IAO's accreditation requirements and as a result has been awarded Full Accreditation by IAO. IAO's full accreditation is a proof that "Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust" offers education to its students that is on par with global education standards and that the institute is fully committed towards continous improvement of its educational standards.