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Energy Materials Research Centre (EMRC) are high-tech research institute established on the basis of Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust Energy Research Institute, integrating scientific research, production and sales.

EMRC established to became a professional research and development institution of New energy study with the main task of researching the theory of solar energy utilisation and comprehensive new and emerging battery technologies.

Our Courses

Energy storage technology holds the key to ushering in the electric vehicle transformation and in creating the grid of the future with integrated resiliency and flexibility. We are an emerging global clean-tech leader. Our culture is collaborative, entrepreneurial. Whether you are looking to make a career shift, Infinity offers you a chance to enhance knowledge and skills, aligned in our mission to build a sustainable energy future. Working within our Team, you will assist in the development of business case and financial modelling for energy storage projects across various markets.

Our Research

Today’s battery technology is not enough. Newer chemistry, battery designs, and manufacturing processes are needed to usher changes in energy storage that can fundamentally transform the world and lead to the birth of new industries. Internship activities will vary based on the assigned research project and hosting facility. You have the opportunity to choose the project you're most interested.
As a participant in the EMRC Energy research Internship Program, you will gain a competitive edge as you apply your education, talent, and skills to research and development projects focused on new energy generation and storage salutations.
Collaborate with EMRC researchers to carry out innovative and impactful R&D projects. Any Research Institutes, Universities and Industries are always welcome for doing collaborative research work with EMRC.

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